“Gender… a fluid, performative construct.”

Clover Morell, Stadsschouwburg: Amsterdam, 2009 © Tom Bakker

While in the M.A. Interdisciplinary Arts program at Columbia College Chicago, I had the pleasure of collaborating and creating several pieces with fellow artist Clover Morell. In an interview for examiner.com, she discusses her work, shares her art influences and gives a generous description of our work on the Muse series. The entire interview is lush and worth a read. But here’s an excerpt:

James Kinser just completed a project with Niki Grangruth. They’ve created a series of images duplicating classical paintings via photography. The images are not only formally stunning but James’ presence in the work, embodying the roles previously held by women, is astounding. The pieces really speak to the idea of gender being a fluid, performative construct. His “feminine” qualities and the sheer beauty of his body as the focus of each piece are really powerful.

Thanks Clover, for your generous words!